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"Petropavlovsk Plant of Heavy Machine Building " JSC offers the following types of services by means of the "Order table":

Manufacturing of the following items:

• Non-standard equipment (according to customer's drawings);
• Exclusive spare parts for foreign cars, including original;
• Spare parts for agricultural equipment (harrow frame, hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes, starboard beams, gears, bushings, shafts);
• Motor-cultivators "Gnome";
• Rubber products (rings, cuffs, oil seals, anthers, rubberizing pistons rings)


• Boring of cylinders, crankshafts, engine grinding
• Mechanical restoration;
• Manufacturing of molds and dies;
• Manufacturing of cutting tools and measuring instruments (cutters, drills, countersinks, reamers, dies, taps, special tools);
• Manufacturing of technological equipment;
• Gear processing, gear manufacturing;
• Repair of measuring instruments;
• Welding (argon-arc welding, gas-cutting, semiautomatic welding);
• Heat treatment (steel hardening, tempering, normalization, carbonitration, ion nitriding, vacuum coating);
• Galvanic treatment (oxidation, chrome plating).


Our Design Department offers the following services:
• Development of control programs for CNC machines (FANUC, NC-301-210, HEIDENHAIN, Bosch CNC mikro5, SINUMERIK System8, CNC-600 (CNC-645), as well as selection of progressive cutting tools;
• Design of special equipment (slipways, conductors, cold working stamps, molds for rubber goods, special cutting tools);
• Engineering and consulting services in the organization of production for machining, welding, surfacing, heat treatment;
• Development, implementation, modernization of existing technologies;
• Equipment selection;
• Development of shipment schemes for railway transport;
• Development of drawings of parts according to the sample (reverse engineering); • Development and production of technical data sheets for equipment;
• Development of design documentation for products according to the customer's specifications;
• Carrying out strength calculations of load-bearing structures;
• Scanning and printing of documents (A4 to A0)

Contact us: 1 Gashek passage, Petropavlovsk,
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e-mail: stolzakazov@pztm.kz, marketing@pztm.kz, pztm@pztm.kz


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