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Technical reequipment

          Nowadays our enterprise has multisectoral production and test basis, developed instrumental production and high qualified personnel that allows to enlarge range of products and promptly react to customers` requirements. 

          The enterprise has 6 main production workshops with 1237 equipment units which include: metal cutting devices, devices for plasma cutting, welding, thermal, galvanic, forge-and-press, founding, wood machining, plastic & rubber processing units and lifting devices. 

          First phase of technical reequipment concept was carried out on "PZTM" JSC. In accordance with that concept 58 units of modern high-duty equipment was acquired for blank production, machining, welding and instrumental production. Acquisition was carried out by means of internal funds and funds of "BRK-Leasing" JSC. Implementation of progressive equipment on enterprise allowed to enlarge technical capabilities and to master new technological processes, including:

          Applying of concentrated machining on modern centres with high-duty cutting tools, cutting of half-finished products on contour band saws and metal cutting on plasma cutting complexes to finished size of with minimum dimensional allowance for machining allowed to shorten production cycle, to reduce labour coefficient in parts & units manufacturing. 

          Financial and economic studies of two projects were worked out to carry out the second phase of technical reequipment. The financing is planned by the budget investment through state contribution to authorized capital of enterprise. 

PZTM 2012-2019